Communities under Change. Tales from Five Cities; Apac associated photojournalism for art and culture

                                                                Roads to Agreement
A reflective narrative about life at the “Walls” of four cities, 1985-2015.
 Berlin, Belfast, Nicosia and Jerusalem.

Who I am: I am Martin Nangle photojournalist, chairman of Apac Civic Media.
Apac, (associated photojournalism for art & culture) is based in the British Isles. Apac works through-out Europe and the near East on community projects relating to peace & reconciliation.

Mission Statement:    To use photojournalism as a platform to help Galvanise the Peace process. 

Objective of the project: To give exposure to on-going political and community efforts to resolve divisions in the remaining three “Divided Cities.” This includes highlighting the success of Berlin as the first of the four cities to remove its segregation walls.

Exhibition content:  A very broad view of social, political and security aspects which portrays parts of the story about the four cities from 1985 -2015. The selected exhibition of 150 pictures is drawn from a collection of over 2000 archive images. 

Presentation: Large medium and traditional formats are available in Black & White and Colour for mounting and wall hanging. Projecting images as a series of slide shows is included. Written content describing the work is provided. Video work are available on monitors or as wall projections.

Media Release:

The project echoes moments in the history of four cities which have experienced past and present physical segregation in the shape of “Walls.”
Images from Berlin, Belfast, Nicosia and Jerusalem depict a narrative about daily life along the “Walls.” They show citizens and their environment captured during visits to the cities from 1985 to the present.
These “Walls” are the symbols of social, political and ideological divisions which reflect the legacy of a deeply troubled century.
The four cities are connected through their past histories; through the similarity of “Walls” built out of civil discord. Three of cities are still travelling the “Roads to Agreement” but their commitment to peace and reconciliation is still at the foremost of contemporary politics. Berlin shows the way to success.
The exhibition sketches a snapshot of urban life during the period 1985-2015. It sees the present as part of a bigger picture, within which, identities have been fractured, borders disputed and peoples migrated. Issues about identity, citizenship, and the dispossessed of the present, relate to a much longer history.


Belfast has nearly 100 separation walls where Irish and British communities are searching for an agreed accommodation towards a shared society.
Conflict and violence between and within communities have left a deep legacy in Belfast. Despite recent political developments, people in Belfast live, attend school, celebrate traditions, play sport and socialise separately.

We want to improve quality of life for everyone in the city by making Belfast a better place; a tolerant pluralist society, which avoids offending those with different views. Our vision is for understanding where individuality is respected without fear or mistrust, and diversity is celebrated in an inclusive manner….Good Relations Unit Belfast City Hall.


Berlin is unique, never still, always on the move, a popular European city. . But my Berlin is far more than a vibrant pulsating city. It is also the local “villages”, the quiet corners, the neighbourhoods. Here it is one can pause a while, here one can be heard, here people are there for one another. Berlin is such a loveable and liveable city. This does not happen by itself and it must not be taken for granted as we Berliners know all too well.

Right now it is all about doing whatever we can to enable Berlin’s economy to continue to grow to the benefit of all. The problems we face are not insignificant, but the opportunities for Berlin are considerable.

We want a city where everything is easily accessible and where local communities offer an integrated mix of facilities. The public arena should be a place where relaxation and social contact are possible. This must be true for the problem areas as well. We refuse to let Berlin divide into separate communities along ethnic or religious lines. ………. Klaus Wowereit



Jerusalem‘s Walls tell the story of a long divided history at the crossroads of modern religion
It is the eternal capital of the Jewish people, the third most important holy site for Islam and a pilgrimage for Christians.
It problems are well known through the world but still efforts for a lasting peace are pursued by its politicians.
“To move Jerusalem forward towards lasting economic development plans have been developed in the areas of education,  culture and tourism, setting a goal of ten million annual tourists by 2020”……… Nir Barkat the 9th Mayor of Jerusalem.
Mr Barkat has inspired thousands of Jerusalemites with his vision to turn Israel’s poorest city into one rich in culture, youth, education and tourism. His message is respect and pluralism for all residents of Jerusalem.


From antiquity and until the first centuries AD, Nicosia was known as Ledra. The historical Old Town lies within massive 16th century Venetian Walls, and is home to important museums, Byzantine churches, medieval and neoclassical buildings, all standing along picturesque narrow roads that traverse the town’s fascinating old quarters.
Nicosia remains the last divided capital in Europe, with the ‘Green Line’ splitting it in two. The Buffer Zone, running through the middle of the city and the historic centre itself, has undermined its centrality and turned it into a "border" town.

The “Green Line” which keeps the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of Nicosia apart, has made their town into two separate urban parts. The two parts have been developing independently of each other, thus causing the transformation of the city's structure and of its former role as a unified capital.  ……………………Ms Eleni Mavrou Nicosia Master Plan


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